State Court Disbars Walnut Creek Lawyer

Robert Wyatt, 72, pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated in the 2010 Rossmoor death of Edward Phillips.

A state bar court judge has disbarred Walnut Creek attorney Robert Wyatt, age 72, in a ruling that scrutinized Wyatt's conviction last year for vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Judge Lucy Armendariz of the State Bar Court of California, in a Feb. 13 decision, found the facts surrounding Wyatt's conviction in the Rossmoor traffic death of 85-year-old Edward Phillips "involved moral turpitude warranting discipline, and recommends that the respondent be disbarred." The accident occurred on Dec. 10, 2010.

Wyatt, himself a Rossmoor resident, pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after a preliminary hearing in Contra Costa County Superior Court last year. and was ordered to pay victim restitution to Phillips' family, abstain from alcohol and had his driver's license revoked.

Armendariz was "incredulous" that Wyatt contended that "his high blood alcohol level was caused by his medications and the victim who was 85 years old jumped out in front of his car."

Phillips was on his way to a Rossmoor bus stop, presumably for a trip to a Chinese restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek, as was his habit.

Wyatt's consumption of vodka and beer that night "may have impaired his moral judgment and physical alertness," Armendariz wrote. "Nevertheless, he was not candid. Respondent attempted to justify his serious mistake and misrepresented to the police at the time of the accident that he only had one beer and that the victim streaked across in front of his car." Phillips walked with a cane, but had to be scolded by family members at times to use the cane.

The court noted that Wyatt had practiced law without discipline for 34 years at the time of the accident. He was an environmental lawyer and partner at Allen Matkins in San Francisco.

Andrew L. March 01, 2013 at 11:57 PM
The judge's ruling is by definition correct unless and until is overturned on appeal, which is extremely unlikely.
Dive Turn Work March 02, 2013 at 01:36 AM
Using your name is dangerous. This is a perfect example.
Dive Turn Work March 02, 2013 at 01:44 AM
In his defense he has admitted on several occasions that he's an attorney & that he no longer practices law. I don't believe he's embarrassed by your post. People with a bully personality are rarely embarrassed by anything. However, I still don't think it's good form to post that info. It's petty & just stifles conversation.
Chris Nicholson March 02, 2013 at 02:02 AM
@Magic8: Umm, a decade after I stopped practicing law, I decided (without a lot of thought) to stop paying my bar dues. I didn't see the point. If I wanted to practice law again, I write a check for $1100 and I am instantly good to go (I just confirmed that today out of curiosity-- not something I plan on doing). It's annoying that the Bar reports my status as "suspended" (but at least they specify that it is for non payment of dues) and is troubling that you sought this information. I see now that you wrongly and recklessly thought it would be clever to share this info thereby revealing an imagined bias. I have lots of biases, but none of them are hidden. Do you not find it at least a bit kooky that you are still posting more personal info about me online? To what end?
SympatheticCitizen March 03, 2013 at 05:36 AM
Chris, dude, if anything is bizarre at all, it's YOU..and your logic is super weak sauce. Not allowing an attorney to pratice law because he violated the law is wrong to you? OMG you're such an incredible weirdo. If you practice law and you BREAK it, you should get extra penalities, let alone the revocation of your ability to practice law...and yes, when MD's break the law in relationship to practicing medicine they do get their license revoked and are not allowed top practice medicine anymore. But you are supposed to know that since you think you know everything anyway. Get a grip dude. You are friggin blow hard. End of story.


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