Parking Fee Rises Monday At Walnut Creek BART Station

It'll cost $2 a day to park now at Walnut Creek and other stations

BART parking fees are rising on Monday
BART parking fees are rising on Monday
Starting Monday, it's going to cost more to park at BART stations in Walnut Creek and other towns.

BART is increasing the daily fee by 50 cents at some stations along the Pittsburg/Bay Point, Fremont and Daly City lines, effective Monday.

The cost for parking at these stations will rise to $2 a day.

Walnut Creek BART is among the stations. So are Pleasant Hill, Lafayette and Orinda.

Parking fee increases on another lines will take effect in two weeks.

The fees at BART parking lots are reviewed every six months. If a lot is consistently full, the fee can be hiked by 50 cents. If the lot is usually less than 95 percent full, then the fee can be decreased by 50 cents.

The maximum fee for station is $3 a day, except for West Oakland. It can be raised higher there.

The money generated by the parking fees is put into a special account that can only be used for improvements to the stations and improvements to station access such as shuttle and feeder systems.


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