Wayfinding Open House Seeks Direction

The three proposed designs for new signage around town was displayed Wednesday night at the downtown library. Did you go?

About 50 people, including members of the City Council, came to the downtown library Wednesday night to take a look at three designs for a series of signs that the city is considering installing to help people find their way around.

The city is now soliciting advice and opinions from the public about the different designs, before settling on a particular one. The design project is being funded by parking revenue, though there is no funding identified for the actual project.

City planner Michael Huffaker said that the city is soliciting feedback on the designs, which will be channeled back to Hunt Designs, a Pasadena-based company the city has hired to develop the signage options.


Jojo Potato December 13, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Where did I miss the part about deciding this would be a good project? Oh, I guess I forgot, with Cindy and co. in charge, whatever the Chamber of Commerce wants, they get. Take a look at Concord's "wayfaring" signs? After a couple years they are mostly stolen or tagged into oblivion. Another waste of money by my city council.


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